Why Hire a Virtual Assistant?

Overview of a Virtual Assistant

There are as many definitions for a Virtual Assistant (VA) as there are virtual assistants. This is my definition.

A virtual assistant (VA) is whatever her client needs her to be. Some days she is a social media expert, the next a website developer and other days being an office admin scheduling appointments, formatting documents, monitoring emails and answering the phone.

Resize Images

Images take an enormous amount of space on a website making it very hard and slow to load. By resizing them, this eliminates the issue. You do not lose quality by doing this. 

Websites with WordPress

Professional template and plugins are used

  • Custom colours
  • Contact forms
  • Buttons
  • Social media buttons
  • Images
  • Map to your location
  • eCommerce


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  • Meetings
  • Conferences
  • Lunches
  • Doctor’s appointments
  • Travel

Time is money

Everyone tries to spend their money wisely. When you have a full-time assistant, you need to pay for office space, the salary, income tax, vacation and sick days, health benefits, office equipment and software and so much more. If you are a small business or just starting out, these expenses can be overwhelming.

A virtual assistant is paid for the work they do. The VA has their own computer equipment and software, they don’t get paid for sick or vacation days and there are no overhead expenses paid by the client. Hiring a VA is more financially sound investment than having a full-time employee.


Location is everything

Virtual Assistants can and do work from every part of the world. The client doesn’t know if they are sitting in an internet cafe or if they are in a resort in Cuba or touring Europe. It does not matter because being virtual, as long as there is a WI-FI connection, the VA is at work.