Service & Skills

Basic WordPress Websites
Information Management

Formatting Documents
• Modifying and Applying Custom Styles 
• Viewing and Clearing Formats 
• Creating and Formatting Sections 
• Creating Footnotes 
• Creating Endnotes 
• Sorting Information 

Working with Long Documents 
• Building a Table of Contents 
• Modifying a Table of Contents 
• Adding an Index 
• Inserting a Cross-Reference 
• Navigating with the Document Map 

Tables and Graphics
• Merging and Splitting Table Cells 
• Linking to Worksheets 
• Modifying and Moving Graphics 
• Aligning Text with Graphics 
• Creating Charts 
• Modifying Charts 

Mail Merge
• Understanding Mail Merge 
• Creating the Main Document 
• Creating a Data Source 
• Sorting and Filtering Records 
• Inserting Merge Fields 
• Merging the Data Source 
• Generating Mailing Labels 
• Merging Outlook Contacts 

Forms, and Hyperlinks 
• Creating a Form 
• Working with Form Controls 
• Using a Form 
• Modifying a Form 
• Adding and Modifying Hyperlinks


Entering and Editing Data 
• Entering Text, Numbers, and Data 
• Editing Data 
• Using AutoComplete and AutoFill 
• Copying Data 
• Moving and Clearing Data 

Formulas and Functions 
• Entering Formulas 
• Using AutoSum 
• Copying and Moving Formulas 

Formatting Worksheets 
• Inserting and Deleting Rows and Columns 
• Inserting and Deleting Cells 
• Adjusting Column and Row Sizes 
• Hiding Worksheet Components 
• Inserting and Deleting Worksheets 
• Copying and Moving Worksheets 
• Customizing Sheet Tabs 
• Adding a Worksheet Background 

Viewing and Printing Workbooks 
• Changing View Options 
• Splitting and Freezing a Worksheet 
• Sorting and Filtering Data Info about Slicers 
• Customizing the Page Layout 
• Adding Headers and Footers 
• Modifying Page Breaks 
• Previewing and Printing the Worksheet 
• Printing Selected Data 

Managing Workbooks 
• Arranging Multiple Workbooks 
• Adding Hyperlinks 
• Working with Comments


Adding and Formatting Text 
• Creating a New Presentation 
• Entering Text on a Slide 
• Changing Text Formats 
• Aligning Text 

Customizing Presentations 
• Using Templates 
• Adding a Slide 
• Changing a Slide Layout 
• Adding a Picture 
• Customizing Templates 
• Using the Slide Master 
• Adding Headers and Footers 
• Adding Speaker Notes 
• Arranging Slides 

Working with Shapes and Pictures 
• Inserting Shapes 
• Adding Text to Shapes 
• Formatting Shapes 
• Inserting and Formatting Picture Files 
• Arranging Objects 

Adding Objects and Effects 
• Adding Tables and Charts
• Adding SmartArt 
• Adding a Hyperlink 
• Adding Transition Effects 
• Adding Animation Effects 
• Adding a Video and Sound Clip 

Outlining, Proofing and Printing 
• Working in Outline View 
• Importing an Outline from Word 
• Finding and Replacing Text 
• Using Proofing Tools 
• Using AutoCorrect 
• Printing Presentations 

Delivering Your Presentation 
• Creating a Custom Show 
• Rehearsing a Slide Show 
• Collaborating on Presentations 
• Packaging a Presentation 
• Running a Slide Show 


Managing Messages 
• Flagging Messages for Follow Up 
• Adding a Signature 
• Formatting Messages 
• Setting Message Priorities 
• Setting Delivery Options 
• Using the Rules Wizard 
• Printing Your E-Mail 
• Saving Messages 

Maintaining Contacts
• Adding Contacts 
• Viewing Contact Information 
• Modifying and Deleting Contacts 
• Creating a Distribution List 

Coordinating Calendars 
• Scheduling Appointments 
• Adding Recurring Appointments 
• Exploring Calendar Settings 
• Planning and Scheduling a Meeting 
• Responding to Meeting Requests 

Scheduling Tasks 
• Creating Tasks 
• Assigning Tasks to Others 
• Responding to Task Requests 

Organizing Information 
• Managing Folders 
• Locating Items 
• Creating Categories 
• Arranging Items 
• Organizing Folders 

Basic WordPress Websites

Formatting Documents

    • • Modifying and Applying Custom Styles
    • • Viewing and Clearing Formats
    • • Creating and Formatting Sections
    • • Creating Footnotes
    • • Creating Endnotes

Information Management

Information Management

  • Create a folder structure
  • Manage your electronic documents
  • Write Statement of Procedure (SOPs)

My goal is to work with entrepreneurs and small business professionals who have wonderful ideas on how to grow their business but find themselves lost under piles of administrative task, and simply do not have the time to mind their own business.

MarKane Virtual Assistant can help. Being an entrepreneur myself, I understand what it is like. I will help you by doing your administrate work allowing you to spend your valuable time growing your business and living your dream. 

MarKane Virtual Assistant

Hi, I’m Marie

I have had a long and fulfilling career doing many of the things I love, my passion is making things look professional. I have always had a knack of pulling things together. My career began at the age of 16 working after school as a key-punch operator for Revenue Canada. Once I finished school, I worked with them full-time and later moved on to DSS, which was the Department of Supply & Services.

After eight years working for the government, I went to work for Canadian Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CMHC) where I was a word-processor. This is where I found my love for making documents look good. I was, and still am very particular on how paragraphs align properly, how columns are equally proportioned, how each document has a header and a footer along with page numbers.

Moving from CMHC, I worked for many years as a temp with several employment agencies. Because you never really knew what your assignment was going to be, I had to be prepared for anything, I have worked on single page letters, formatted large documents of 300 – 400 hundred pages and formatted Treasury Board submissions to perfection.

While I was on a temporary assignment with Foreign Affairs and International Trade, I was fortunate to have a wonderful manager who worked her magic and was able to get me a permanent position. I have been there ever since.

Currently. I work for the federal government as an Information Management Advisor. Here I build folders with specific permissions granted to each folder allowing a group of people to share their work using distribution lists. We have over 3,000 distribution lists to maintain and also ensure the proper permissions are given to appropriate folders. 

Along with my wide variety of office skills, I have also learned to build websites using the templates and plugins from WordPress.  

Marie has been my virtual assistant for many years. Athough I don’t use her services on a regular basis, she is always there when I need her. Marie is an honest and generous person with the passion of getting things done right. I would recommend Marie to anyone.
Debrah Boucher
Debrah Boucher
Interior Designer